Thursday, March 1, 2012

Try This! Housesitting for Jim & Linda

It's been awhile since I worked on this story. It began with a family planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, which by the way, is one of my favorite places. This is the eighth episode, and it's titled Housesitting for Jim and Linda. Our main characters are Jake and his wife Katy, their two daughters, Sarah, who's 7, and Amy, who is younger--I haven't assigned an age for Amy yet.

They live in the northern suburbs of St.Louis, Missouri, in the Midwestern U.S. It seems like they have a nice group of neighbors. Mike and Tammy Boom have a son, Jeremy, who turned 18 a couple of exercises ago. Jim and Linda have young children although I haven't named their kids yet. Ted is another neighbor, as well as John, who is originally from Montreal and recently got engaged to Tabitha. On the last exercise, we learned that Tabitha is expecting. John recently quit his highly stressful job and found one that pays less but is also less hectic.

In this episode, Jake and Katy are housesitting for one of their neighbors and have decided to go on a jaunt of their own. The vocabulary words and phrases that you'll be practicing are swamped, undertaking, a drag, break out something, be off to somewhere, downtime, cave in, and break a sweat. If you don't remember what these words and phrases mean, don't worry; just hover over them at the small guide site, and a quick definition will pop up. So head on over to the Try This! page of the small guide site and try your hand at using this set of vocabulary. Good luck, and have fun.

expecting - pregnant
hectic - busy
jaunt - a short trip

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