Monday, January 16, 2012

Now with audio

Happy New Year! We're now halfway through January. I hope your 2012 is off to a great start. I wish you all good health, great success and better English in 2012.

I was surfing the web over the holidays when I came up with a great idea for the small blog. I thought if I could add audio to my posts, English learners who visit the blog could also practice their listening as they read the lessons, and they could also work on their pronunciation if they wanted to. In general, I thought audio would make the small blog even more useful.

Great idea, right? But first, I had to figure out how to add the audio file. I only know basic html; I don't know java, so I needed to find a simple way of doing it. Luckily, I found one and, after a few tries, it worked! In fact, you can hit the play button above and listen to this blog as you read it.

I hope you like this new feature and find it useful. If you do, please come back often, and don't keep it a secret. Tell your friends! If you like it, there's a good chance your friends would, too.

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Thanks for listening. Keep practicing. Catch you next time.

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