Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Show someone the ropes

Show someone the ropes - teach someone how to do things usually at work; show someone the correct procedures; train someone.

We often use this expression when we have a new coworker. When someone new has just been hired, this new worker needs to be shown the ropes before he or she can work independently.

like this:

1. We have a new person coming in today. Could you show him the ropes this week?
2. Thanks for showing me the ropes. I learned a lot from you.
3. Tom's very busy this week. He's been showing the new hire the ropes.

Have you ever shown someone the ropes at work? Do you usually take it seriously and enjoy it or do you consider it a pain?

a pain - an annoyance

Check out our next blog when we talk about the different ways people use a pain.

Take care.
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