Thursday, January 21, 2010

right off hand

Today's expression has the same meaning as yesterday's. Like right off the bat, right off hand or simply off hand means thinking of something to say right now or right away. We can use the same examples we had yesterday and use off hand instead. So if you can't think of anything to say or think of an example to give right now, you can say, "I can't think of anything off hand," or "I can't think of one right off hand."

like this:

A: Do you know who RSVP'd for the party tonight?
B: I have a list upstairs. I know the president and the vice president are coming, but I can't think of the others right off hand. There are about 30 people on the list.
A: Really. I'm thinking of not going. I'm completely wiped out right now.
B: You should go; it'd be fun. Besides, the boss says she expects everyone to show up or else ...
A: Or else what?
B: I can't remember exactly what she said off hand, but it was something to the effect that she'll keep it in mind when they're giving out raises.
A: Wow. They're really taking this event seriously.
B: You're telling me.

right off the bat - right now; right away (see yesterday's blog)
RSVP - reserve a place for a future gathering (often a formal event)
wiped out - exhausted; very tired
a raise - an increase in salary
You're telling me. - I agree with you. Absolutely.

Alright folks, do you know the phone numbers of all your friends right off the bat or right off hand, or do you have to look them up?

Good luck, and enjoy the weekend.

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